NK Productions Wedding Planning is singularly dedicated to you…

we believe that every wedding and event should represent our clients
through a custom planning experience.

NK Weddings & Events is singularly dedicated to you…
we believe that every wedding and event should represent our clientsthrough a custom planning experience.
Wedding Planners

We take pride in ensuring that each ceremony and all events stand out as distinct and extraordinary affairs!

One’s wedding day is often thought of as the most important day of a person’s life – NK Productions Wedding Planning absolutely believes this to be true. We also apply the same importance and dedication to all events coordinated by the NK team, from rehearsal dinners or welcome parties, anniversary celebrations, fundraising galas or toddler birthday parties fit for kings and queens.

About Us

We are NK Productions Wedding Planning

We Are Here for You! Our NK Productions Wedding Planning team wants to make your event magical.

We believe that your wedding – and every wedding – should be customized just for your desired experience. Everything we do works towards that goal.

To make this happen, we take pride in making sure every detail of every ceremony and reception is exactly as you desire. We specialize in creating very distinct events, as everyone’s should be unique and special.


Honestly, every person we have heard from talks about what a beautiful wedding it was how personal it was- that everything was perfect. And apart from having a beautiful yard to work with I tell everyone it was because of you. We could not have done it without you. -JR


NK Productions Wedding Planning is dedicated to working closely with you to create the most wonderful and memorable experience of your lifetime.

To ensure you get the results you want, we put the same time and attention into each event we plan. This includes weddings, but also parties for anniversaries and birthdays. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, or just hoping to create a magical experience for your teen, we can help make it happen.

Put your trust in our professionals. We will treat your event with the best service possible.