Of course, no one wants to imagine the “what ifs” that could go wrong on the big day. The best way to combat any emergency is to be prepared. Check out our top 10 MUST haves for your wedding day emergency kit.

1. Sewing Kit – Be sure to include the essentials – a needle, thread in corresponding wedding colors, and of course SAFETY PINS! They can work magic on any number of textile ails.

Sewing Kit Wedding Day Emergency

2. Touch-Up Makeup – Make sure you pack the basics of your wedding day makeup after getting glammed up. Lipstick is a given. However, in the event of a few too many tears shed you may also need to reapply eye makeup such as eye shadow, eye liner, or mascara. It helps to keep some finishing powder on hand too for a fresh face after dancing or outdoor photos.

3. Tissues – Speaking of those tears… just trust us, you’ll use these.

Wedding Day Tissues

4. Deodorant – You’re bound to be doing a lot of dancing AND a lot of hugging on your wedding day. You’ll want your wedding to be remembered for the aroma of the buffet and bouquet, NOT the bride and groom.

5. Floss – Because after the buffet, you STILL need to be camera ready!

6. Mints –  Just NOT gum! Your wedding day is not the day to be chowing down on a stick of gum. Between the noise of the DJ and guests, you’ll likely be in pretty close proximity to friends and family as you visit each table. Popping a mint will keep you from worrying about offending your guests with post-dinner garlic breath.

7. Water Bottle – Many times in the excitement of the day brides neglect to eat and drink. Be sure to stay hydrated to keep up your energy throughout the big event. Yes, even if it means another trip to the bathroom and help from your bridesmaids.

Water Bottle Wedding Emergency Kit

8. Bobby pins and Hairspray – Let’s face it, even the best sprayed up-do can fail after the Cupid Shuffle.

9. Feminine Hygiene Products – This doesn’t really require an explanation, but could TRULY be the hero of the day in the event of an unexpected emergency.

10. Cell Phone – We know – who ISN’T glued to their phone these days? Well, hopefully you aren’t on your wedding day. Regardless, you’ll want it close by throughout the getting ready process at a minimum. “Where did you want that rose arch again? Can you run back to the house for my veil? Who has Grandpa’s boutonniere?” You get the idea.

Cell Phone Wedding Day