There is always something magical about an outdoor wedding. From a beach wedding to a garden wedding – your options are endless. And, we know there are some additional things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. With a wedding outside, your option of lighting goes down with the sun. So, we wanted to share some outdoor wedding lighting options with you to brighten your wedding day!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Lights

First, let’s start with candles. These unsung heroes aren’t just for your reception tables. Think stairways. Wedding ceremony aisles. Think everywhere. And of course, we don’t want to invite an unexpected emergency to the wedding day, so we are talking about wonderful battery candles – all the glow without the potential danger. Win-win!


Now, when people think “outdoor wedding lights,” they all think “market lighting.” And these tried and true twinkly strands are full of magic! From wrapped around wooden beams, to strung through the trees. While they bring a romantic feel to your wedding, they also provide a warm glow for your wedding guests to dine under.

And don’t be afraid to mix other details with the lighting. We love the way the lights and greenery were intertwined for this tented wedding. It created a fairy tale reception space!

While we are talking about fairy-tales we cannot forget tulle. The billowy drape on the frame mixed with white twinkle lights transformed this tented wedding into magic.

Finally, let’s end with the icing on the cake. The grand finale. The chandelier. It’s not just for your ballroom anymore! From your wedding ceremony to your first dance, this lighting option is perfect for your outdoor wedding.


But, what’s better than one chandelier? Multiple chandeliers of course. Under a tented wedding reception or hung from the trees…we don’t know which one we love more. But what we do know is that these gems were perfect for these dreamy weddings!


And dreamy weddings is what we love. Either an indoor wedding or an outdoor one, the NK Productions team wants to make your dreams come true.  Give us a call and let’s talk wedding lighting and more!