Why Serve A Signature Cocktail?

Nothing livens up a wedding like a little liquid courage. Whether you plan to have a full open bar or just serve up wine and beer, most couples select a signature cocktail or two for the evening. In fact, nearly 85% of couples opt to serve up a signature drink. Not only are they a unique reflection of the couple, but they can also be prepared in batches ahead of time to keep that bar line moving smoothly throughout the evening.

Where To Begin

Your wedding day is an expression of your unique style as a couple. You want your signature cocktail to reflect that. What’s your go-to liquor of choice? Start there! According to Zola.com the top wedding liquors are –


Curate a Colorful Creation

Another way to customize your signature cocktail is to curate a colorful creation! Select a drink that corresponds with your unique wedding color palette. Having a traditional red and white winter wedding? Think Cranberry Vodka! Throwing a spring celebration with pops of green and yellow? Opt for a Green Hawaiian cocktail! You want a drink that is visually appealing & corresponds with the decor.

Think Theme

Think about serving your signature drinks in a way that suits the overall theme and is on brand with your wedding vibe. If you’re having an upscale affair, consider a high end champagne served in a crystal champagne flute. Opting for a more a shabby chic feel? Serve up something bourbon based in a mason jar. Beach-side wedding? Think little cocktail umbrellas on top!

A signature drink is a fun way to share your personality & taste with wedding guests. Whether you’re having a black tie affair or a beach side soiree, there’s a signature cocktail to suit your big day!