Step aside centerpieces, wedding place settings are ready to shine!

While we know that place settings are practical and essential, they are also an important part of your wedding décor. First, as wedding guests, we expect a few must-haves at a wedding; champagne, dancing, and (of course) dinner. Also, your place settings are an extension of your wedding design. Adding pops of color and shine to your wedding decor. So, of course, place settings are one of the most important parts of your wedding day.

A well-decorated table can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests to settle in and enjoy a meal together. But, how do you set the “perfect reception table”? The answer will vary depending on the type of wedding you’re having. Are you having a formal, plated dinner? A buffet-style soirée? While different wedding styles require different reception tables, there are still a few basic rules you can follow for any reception table setting.

Place the Dinnerware

First, we start with linens. Then, it’s time for centerpieces. And finally, the fun stuff: table settings! This is arguably the most important part of the reception table; after all, the whole point of these tables is to give your guests a place to eat their meal!

Of course, the details of your place setting will vary from one wedding to another. If you are having a buffet-style dinner, you might skip the place settings altogether and leave only water glasses and a small plate for the dinner rolls. On the other hand, a formal dinner will go all out. Choose the setting style that’s right for your wedding—and if you do decide to set the table, make sure you include these basic dishes:

Charger: The charger is a large plate on which all the other plates rest (you don’t eat off it). This plate is solely decorative, but it’s a great way to add a pop of color or fancy flourish to your table.

Dinner Plate: This is the standard size plate on which your guests will enjoy their meal.

Salad Plate: This is a smaller plate on which the salad is served.

Bread Plate: This tiny plate is usually reserved for dinner rolls.

Flatware: How much cutlery you’ll need depends on how formal the meal will be and what you’ll be serving (do you need salad forks? fish forks? soup spoons?). At the very least, make sure you have one fork, knife, and spoon at each place setting.

Water Glass: This glass should be full and waiting for your guests when they take their seats.

Wine Glass: Wine glasses are a great place to put your guests’ napkins, and they make the table look extra refined.

Champagne Flute: What’s a wedding without a champagne toast? Make sure your wedding guests are ready for the toasts later in the evening.

Place Cards, Menu Cards & More

Now, whether you and your partner have decided on a seating chart or an open seating plan, you now will choose what (if anything) will go on your place setting. Some couples opt for a classic menu or a thank you note to their guests.

And then, it’s time to add the extras. Your place settings are a perfect way to share a simple wedding favor for your guests. Or, use some floral decor such as a baby’s breath or a sprig of your favorite herb like lavender or rosemary to compliment your table setting. The perfect addition is one that means the most to you and your partner.

Did you fall in love with any of these wedding place settings? NK Productions team would love to hear from you!