The Dog Days of Weddings- Including Your Pup in Your Nuptials

The dog days of summer are upon us. What better time to talk about including your beloved canine friend in your upcoming wedding? For many couples, their furry friends are their first babies. Millennials are the largest population of pet owners, and they often can’t imagine celebrating their big day without their pet by their side. There are, of course, a few things to consider when including your dog on the guest list.

1. Make sure you choose a pet-friendly venue.

Many venues will allow pets for outdoor ceremonies only, so make sure you’re okay leaving Fido home in the event of rain. Private estate weddings are often a good option if you are looking for an indoor celebration that may accommodate your dog.

2. Assign a designated dog handler.

Once your pup has made his way down the aisle, someone needs to be responsible for taking over during the remainder of the ceremony. Put the same person in charge of shuttling your pup to the ceremony and back. Choose someone who won’t be actively involved in the ceremony or needed for photos. If your wedding is far from home, find a pet friendly hotel or boarding facility nearby that your pup can chill at until the reception is over.

3. Dress to impress!

You know all eyes are going to be on that sweet fur-baby of yours. A cute tuxedo or corresponding floral frock will create an “aww” worthy moment for your guests.

4. Leash the beast.

No matter how well trained and behaved your dog is, make sure he or she is leashed throughout the entire celebration. First, this is a legal requirement in many areas. It will also prevent Fido from taking off for a dip in the lake as you exchange vows.

5. Have a trial run.

Make sure to include your special guest in the wedding rehearsal. Do several practice runs walking down the aisle. Make sure he/she is comfortable with the sights, sounds and smells of the location before the big day.