One trend that has emerged and that we hope is here to stay is the eco-friendly wedding. This might initially sound intimidating or something that might ask you to sacrifice some of your wedding dreams, but the great part is you can make it work for you! Do a lot or a little, every decision you make to be more eco-friendly is a win so there’s no pressure to alter your wedding vision to accommodate accordingly. Let’s take a look at some ways your wedding can support the environment!

Single-Use Items

A very simple way to reduce waste at a wedding is to reduce or eliminate single-use items like paper napkins, plates, cups, etc. Renting your linens and tableware is easy and hassle-free, but it’s easy to forget about the bar area. Ask your bar area to not hand out a napkin with each drink and use biodegradable straws rather than plastic.

wedding bar


There is always the option to use artificial flowers which is a great way to cut down on waste at your wedding. Silk flowers have become so sophisticated that your guests would be hard-pressed to realize they aren’t real. However, we do realize that for some this would be a deal-breaker and that’s ok! If you do have real flower bouquets, you can find ways to use them at the reception to enhance the decor rather than using additional real flowers. You can also find organizations like Random Acts of Flowers to donate your flowers to after the event and they’ll repurpose them to places like nursing facilities for the residents to enjoy.

Reception Decor

Instead of using lots of cut fresh flowers for additional decor potted plants and foliage can add that same beautiful touch while being more eco-friendly. Anything that is potted can then be reused or taken home and planted which adds the delight of always having that beautiful reminder of your wedding day around!

Wedding Favors

How many times have you been at a wedding and left your favor sitting on the table when you leave? While the thought is genuine, the reality is that often these create a big waste. If skipping the wedding favor altogether makes you cringe, then choose something useful that your guests will be sure to take with them, or edible like a personalized cookie!

Wedding Invitations

You can even think of ways to be green before the big day. In this digital age, you can dispense with the paper wedding invitation all together and save a lot of trees and landfill waste. Some digital invitation companies will include a printed keepsake invitation for you. If you do opt for paper invitations, there are several great eco-conscious companies out there that will be able to help you out.

Catering Options

The farm-to-table movement has been a delicious new trend in restaurants that has started to carry over to caterers. Finding a caterer that supports local farms is a wonderful way to support your community. Being on the coast, supporting local fishermen for your seafood options is another great example! Plus who doesn’t swoon over some freshly caught seafood as your dinner option?!


To save on transportation costs and carbon emissions consider having your ceremony and reception at the same location. An added bonus would be if there is nearby lodging allowing your guests to carpool or provides transportation service to the big day. The added convenience would also be a big plus for your guests!

We hope these suggestions show how easy it can be to create a more eco-friendly wedding! Starting with a great local wedding planner who can recommend vendors that support this goal is the easiest way to go. That eliminates your need to research and sift through vendors and leaves you free for the rest of the planning fun!