In the wake of COVID-19 many couples were forced to reassess their 2020 wedding plans. Some couples opted for smaller ceremonies, while others chose to elope. Some chose Zoom weddings and still others postponed the event entirely. As life begins to return to a semblance of normalcy, we are seeing many couples opt for a “We Do Redo.”

What is a “We Do Redo?” It’s a second chance to celebrate your nuptials with those whom you may not have been able to include in your original wedding plans. According to a recent survey by, “nearly half of couples (47%) postponed their reception to a later date, with 32% still legally tying the knot in 2020 while 15% decided to postpone the entire wedding altogether.” Although you may already be married, we believe every marriage deserves to be celebrated fully, and the “I Do Redo” is the opportunity to have the dream wedding COVID robbed many couples of.

So without further adieu… our top five tips for an unforgettable “We Do Redo.”

Get Creative with the Invitations

There are tons of clever ways to announce your wedding – part 2! Check out this Etsy link for unique ways to spread the news.

To Register, or Not to Register…

The etiquette on this depends on how you handled gifts the first time around. If you created a registry and received gifts for your initial ceremony, skip it. Feel free to share your registry with guests who ask, but avoiding creating the expectation of a second round of gifts. However, if you didn’t create a registry for the initial celebration, absolutely go for it!

Ceremony Sequel

It’s totally okay to have a second ceremony! Although you may be skipping over some of the more traditional ceremony pieces, you can still make it meaningful. Consider re-reciting your vows, creating a joint marriage statement to share, having loved ones read special poems or scriptures and incorporating family traditions. And yes, of COURSE, rock that wedding dress!

Be Open Minded About Dates

Booking your dream venue on your dream date will be harder than ever this year. Many couples with 2020 wedding dates have rescheduled celebrations, on top of newly engaged couples trying to make plans. There has been a huge uptick in weekday weddings this year, a trend which we don’t think is going away any time soon. Be flexible!

Hire a Planner

Although a post marriage celebration may be a bit less intimidating than a traditional wedding and reception, it is still quite a production! You deserve the peace of mind a top tier planner like NK Productions provides. It also helps to have professionals to seek advice from as you explore the newly charted territory of post COVID wedding celebrations.