Wedding Trends to Ditch in 2020

There have been some fun new wedding trends bubbling to the surface in 2020. From micro weddings to environmentally conscious floral arrangements – we are LOVING some of what has come out of the 2020 wedding season. But, like the poofy bridesmaid dresses of the 80’s and the long silk bridal gloves in the 90’s – here are a few trends we hope to see retired in 2020.

1. Complicated Wedding Hashtags – Hashtags are a fun way to unite guests and organize wedding day photos. While we love simple tags like #AlvarezAtLast and #ForeverFreeman, you can ditch the overly verbose #SamAndKatrinaTieTheKnotInAtlantaOnMarch32021.

2. Faux Flowers – Not every woman swoons over a bouquet of freshly cut roses. Still, we could do without some of the interesting floral alternatives we’ve seen this year – from dried flowers to paper bridal bouquets. If you’re looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, consider ditching the foam in many floral arrangements.

3. Evites – From live streaming wedding ceremonies to updating your relationship status at the alter, technology plays an important role in wedding celebrations. Don’t skip the paper invitation in lieu of an Evite though. Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding day. Save the Evite for less formal celebrations.

4. Ditching the Registry – In recent years, more and more couples are already living together before their wedding day. Many have already bought a house together and may not need the home essentials that made up traditional wedding registries. But we urge you, don’t forgo the registry entirely. For one, you’ll likely end up with a spatula set you don’t want and can’t return. Two, it’s polite to provide your guests with gift giving options.

5. Family Style Dining – We weren’t overly fanatical about this dinner option even before COVID-19, but now we definitely think it’s time to retire this trend. Germs aside, passed plates crowd the table and disrupt the ambiance of the centerpieces and table decor. Save the family style dining for Thanksgiving dinner and opt for a plated meal instead.