Whether you are planning a destination wedding or you have wedding guests are traveling from out of town for your intimate wedding, there is a lot of planning to do. And many times, one thing that might get overlooked in the midst of all the planning are welcome bags for your wedding guests. Personalized welcome bags are a great way to say ‘Hey! We are so happy to have you join us for our wedding weekend!’ While they also provide yummy treats, these bags are a great way to share information on your wedding festivities and other local area must see’s or do’s.
First, before you can decide what you want to leave for your guests, you need to decide how you would like to present it. A customized tote from Etsy is always adorable. But, going simple with a solid-colored gift bag or craft box is cute too and will save a bit of money. No matter what you chose, you can leave them at the hotel’s front desk (so guests can grab them when they check in) or hand them out at your rehearsal dinner. This task is best to hand off to a trusted family member or your wedding planner. Now, let’s talk about some of the items you could and should add to your welcome bags.

Weekend Schedule &  Maps

With most of your guests being from out-of-town, they will probably stick around for a few days before and after your wedding weekend.  It is very important to make sure your guests know where they should be and when they should be there at all times during your wedding weekend. Include a wedding festivities schedule, a map, and any other important information they’ll need to know (dress code, parking, etc).

Drinks & Snacks

Give your guests a taste of what’s to come during your wedding weekend. Consider adding bottled water, juice, or iced tea, and don’t forget some bubbly! A small bottle of champagne or sparkling juice to celebrate the occasion. Make it personalized and add a custom label too!  In addition to the drinks, don’t forget to include some tasty snacks. Add a few of your and your future spouse’s favorite treats and if your town is known for a  yummy treat, add it too!


We love local postcards! They are a fun and inexpensive addition to your welcome bags. Add a few fun postcards from a local souvenir shop and don’t forget some classic vintage ones too! You can find these online or even at a local thrift store.

Useful Items

And of course, your wedding guests might forget a few necessitates. So adding a few items like a lint roller, wrinkle release spray, stain wipes, a sewing kit, aspirin, lip balm, sunscreen and more will make your wedding guests feel comfortable. And of course, it will be very appreciated by your out-of-town guests. We love the addition of a mini hangover kit too. You can add things like painkillers, eye masks, and a vitamin tablet or sachet!

Thank You Note

The most important item to add to your welcome bags is a handwritten note. While it does require some extra time, it really goes a long way in showing your wedding guests how much you appreciate them joining you on your wedding weekend. We hope you enjoy these.

We hope you were inspired by a few of these welcome bag ideas! What items would you add? Shoot us an email and let us know.